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Les 10 Meilleurs Instagrams de la Saison

[Marc Grossgasteiger. Front 3 tailgrab. Photo: Daniel Tschurtschenthaler]

Les Instagrams que l’on a posté durant l’hiver 2016-17 ont pour la plupart connu un grand succès. Néanmoins nous avons réussi à dégager la crème de la crème, pour ton plus grand plaisir!

Facebook tweake son algorithme comme nous tweakons nos Backside Air, c’est bien connu. Ils choisissent pour toi si tu vas voir nos publication ou non – à moins de sélectionner l’option ‘voir en premier’ pour la page Onboard. Du coup, malgré notre demi million de Likes sur ce réseau social, nous avons ressenti le besoin d’être également présents sur Instagram et Snapchat. Notre compte Instagram ouvert en 2012 lors d’un trip à Red Mountain, BC, compte aujourd’hui quelques 64,000 followers et pas moins de 1294 posts… Série en cours.

Instagram est un outil remarquable, qui te permet désormais de faire des Top 10 de tes posts les plus populaires. Du coup, on a pas eu à travailler beaucoup pour te faire cette listes des meilleurs posts Instagram de l’hiver 16/17! Il comporte des photos, des vidéos, mais dans tous les cas, ce sont les posts qui ont reçu le plus de Likes. Et franchement, tu as bon goût, cher lecteur!

1 – Yuki Kadono

World first! BS quad 1980 – what the actual fuck?! ???? Via @yukikadono ・・・ working on Backside Quad Cork 1980 mute !! Can’t wait to land the trick in front of everyone ???? #HammerBangerSession @redbulljapan #teamoakley #RIDE #SLAB #TSUGAIKE #Japan #THEPARKS #snowboarding #snowboard ???? by #gaku_n

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2 – Mark Grossgassteiger

@marcgross snags something special in Plätzwiese, Italy. Moonshot front 3 tail. Photo: Daniel Tschurtschenthaler – "My friends and me spend a lot of time out in the nature. Not just riding, also for camping, hiking, hanging out or making landscape pictures or timelapses and stuff. Enjoying our beautiful nature. Also many times we saw the full moon rising. It's always a super interesting moment for photographers, also really nice to just sit there and watch. Daniel, the photographer, discovered he could shoot the full moon with a really short exposure and so he got the idea to make a picture where somebody jumps into the moon. As a spot we chose a ridge high up in the Dolomites, in a place called Plätzwiese. In February our myself, Daniel and a skier calked Lukas went out for our first try, Daniel got a shot of us jumping into the moon, but we failed in communication and timing and the picture was taken too late… We retried it the next day but clouds came in and the moon disappeared. One month later Lukas injured himself and we thought we needed to postpone everything to the next season. Later in April, right in time for full moon, Lukas was back on his skis. The idea returned to our minds. On the 20th of April we went up to our spot again. There was still snow left so we built up a new jump. We were waiting a couple of hours and everything looked promising. It paid off with a huge full moon rising above the ridge at sunset that gave us the possibility to do even more hits and everything turned out better than we'd ever imagined." #snowboarding #moonshot #moonporn #danieltschurtschenthaler #dolomites #euroboarding #snowboardingeuropa #europesucks

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3 – Flo Corzelius

@flo_corzelius puts the world's smallest kicker to good use. Slushy springtime side hit back 7 for tha boyyyzzz ???????????? ???? @simonpircher #snowboarding #slush #springslush #grandvalira #euroboarding #snowboardingeuropa #europesucks

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4 – Rene Rinnekangas

@renerinnekangas takes advantage of the spring slush to blow minds with a new one ???????????????? ???? @h.veke #snowboarding #springslush #flippingout #euroboarding #euroshred #snowboardingeuropa #europesucks

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5 – Sebbe de Buck

@sebbedebuck goes full ????‍???????????????? ????@brendanm43 ・・・ Last run of the day at @girosnow #PoachersPipe the other weekend!???? #snowboarding #snowboarder #snowboard

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6 – Simon Pircher

Spring burning with @simonpircher! ☄️☄️☄️ Via @flo_corzelius ・・・ ???? @simonpircher #andorra #beercation #snowboarding #europesucks #slowmo #snowboardingeuropa

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7 – Niklas Mattsson

@nmattsson's Method is a thing of beauty. Stretching one out good and proper in Folgefonna ????: @pilchardtv #snowboarding #folgefonna #euroboarding #euroshred #snowboardingeuropa #europesucks #hashtaglessridemore

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8 – Olivier Gittler

@oliviergittler is so fly he can float a side hit McTwist right over Mont Blanc ???? ???? @_aaa_6 #snowboarding #montblanc #mctwist #vivelafrance #euroboarding #euroshred #snowboardingeuropa #europesucks

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9 – Nik Baden

Some choice clips from @nikolasbaden in Mayrhofen ???????? ???? @drewhastings & @tomhannam @shred_bots #snowboarder #snowboarding @adidassnowboarding

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10 – Seppe Smits

When you're sending it into the weekend, make sure you do it backside and off the heels! ????????????????????@seppe.smits getting after it at @thestompinggroundspark in @snowparkcorvatsch #snowboarding #thestompinggroundspark #corvatsch #euroboarding #euroshred #snowboardingeuropa #europesucks

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